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About KLT Construction

As one of the leading and largest utility contractors in Southern England, KLT Construction is the ultimate one-stop-shop utility provider. Delivering in excess of 4,500 metres of gas mains replacement and almost 500 services and associated works every week, KLT is committed to delivering projects safely, on time and within budget.

Predominantly specialising in gas renewal and infrastructure maintenance, KLT has gained a
strong reputation as one of the leading providers in the utility industry. Customers choosing KLT know they are picking a gas utilities specialist that delivers a professional, safe cost-effective and time-efficient service.

We carry out repair and maintenance works, gas infill projects and new pipelines
installations, the provision (or hire) of vacuum excavation services, specialist mains drilling, gas stopping services and governor installations.

With a combined workforce of over 400 people, KLT is regarded as one of the largest industrial construction companies for its region. There are close to 150 gas teams specialising in above and in-ground works, comprised of NCO 1, service and main layers in various diameters. Our 150 engineering teams carry out mains service repair, and replacement services for utility providers and main contractors including SGN, National Grid, Skanska, Morrison Utility Services Limited and Matrix Networks Limited.

The replacement of existing metallic gas mains with new plastic mains, is at the core of KLT’s work. The new plastic mains, which offer safe and reliable gas supply for at least the next 80 years, are installed, where possible, with live insertion to minimise excavations and ensure as little inconvenience and disruption as possible. Where these methods are not possible and the lengthier process of open cutting ground is the only available option, we use vacuum excavation and our in-house waste haulage and reinstatement teams to ensure we finish in the shortest possible timeframes and with the best finishes to affected surfaces. In most cases KLT helps clients complete work sites within a day of the engineering works being completed.

KLT Construction is part of the KLT Group, a private limited company, established in 1997, by the founder and current C.E.O, Robert Taylor. Operating from the Head office in Hemel Hempstead, there are subsidiary depots in Slough, Stanwell, Kings Langley, and Godstone.

“Thanks for making my experience with the Gas company such a good one.”
G Wood, Kent

“In a word… great”

Mr Hill, Surrey

“I was so happy with the service I received.”

Sue, Epsom


We are committed to reaching the highest possible safety standards both through on-going training and development of our workforce and the safety awards we have received from the British Safety Council and The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

The KLT Group subsidiaries

The KLT Group is made up of several operating divisions all relating to the complete in-house services that we provide:
KLT Construction Limited
JRT Plant Services
KLT Reinstatement
KLT Waste Haulage

Our Accreditations