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Our Services

Safety, the environment and quality are at the heart of everything KLT Construction does. With over 20 years’ experience in the utility industry, KLT provides gas mains and service repair and replacement, cable and utility works, including waste haulage and reinstatement, along with support logistics and internal works.

Replacing ‘at risk’ gas mains and services for major providers such as Cadent Gas and
Southern Gas Networks, KLT works for clients directly as well as on contracts, such as the North London Gas Alliances, SGN, tRIIO and the coalition. Clients include Skanska, Morrison Utility Services and Matrix Networks.

Gas Replacement Services

From dead insertion to directional drilling, KLT’s gas mains and service replacement services gives clients all the reassurance they need – currently scoring 100% on all aspects on the Achilles B2 verification.

Looking for a safety and customer-led contractor? Simply get in touch with our commercial team.

Vacuum Excavators

Used as an alternative to manual or mechanical digging, vacuum or suction excavation is a non-destructive method of working near or around utilities that eradicates the risk of damage to anything in the existing in-ground environment.

Quite literally ground-breaking, an internal fan generates an air flow of 50,000 (or more depending on the number of turbines) cubic metres per hour to congested ground. The machine uses an external suction hose, which moves via an hydraulically operated boom to remove ground up to 250mm in size, working from remote paddles. Although noisy, vacuum excavation reduces the need for excavators and potential utility disruption. The operator and teams also carry air lances with them, which assist the vacuum excavator in removing spoil from the ground, making it speedier and more effective compared to conventional excavation methods.

  • Clean and tidy removal of paving
  • Clean and tidy small excavations reduce surface impact and cost
  • Excavation around trees and shrubbery with no root damage
  • Gas-safe excavation

For more information or to obtain information on hiring vacuum excavators please contact us.

Mains & Service Camera Surveys

At KLT, we have several mobile camera operatives who use specialist cameras to look into the existing mains and services. These camera surveys provide location information for existing supplies and show the condition of the main and connection points. With this accurate information we can minimise the disruption while we renew or repair the Gas network.

Internal Works, Gas Fitters & Downstream Works

All engineers KLT use are verified, assessed and Gas Safe registered.

When the new gas supply is ready to be commissioned, an engineer will come into your property and assess your appliances (for example, cooker, boiler, fire). If they fail the safety checks, we are legally obliged to place a PD order onto them – this is for your own safety but extremely rare.

The engineer will use gauges and carry out tests to isolate the gas supply before reconnecting it. This shouldn’t affect the functions of the appliances.

Haulage & Waste Management


We provide reliable, efficient, safe and environmentally considerate reinstatement thanks to our modern equipment and KLT’s plant.

Our multi-skilled internal reinstatement department ensures that our works are reinstated without involving third parties, to ensure we provide the best possible service, without delays.

While it’s almost impossible to match old surfaces for new, as the old surface has aged, we use like-for-like materials and do our utmost to get as close as is physically possible to ensure the surface does not look out of place.

There are various surfaces reinstatement works on:

  • Paving/Slabs (sometimes known as Flags)
  • Block Paviours
  • Various tarmac surfaces, different sizes and grades, cold and hot lay
  • Concrete low lever (this needs to cure before the final surface)
  • Finished concrete
  • Printed driveways
  • Special surfaces
  • Walls
  • Fences
  • Edgings
  • Kerbs
  • Gulley’s and drains
  • In ground pipes

Specialists in a range of these surfacing techniques, KLT only uses qualified, competent, knowledgeable personnel to apply them. Our operatives, supervision and reinstatement managers are here to guide you throughout the process and ensure you are aware of each stage of the works. Feel free to contact them for a free telephone conversation or a face-to-face meeting.

Our reinstators and management carry I.D cards for the gas network that they are working on, it is your prerogative to ask to see this, please do not let anyone access your property unless they can show you an in date, relevant I.D card and then call the number on the card to verify the user.

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