At the core of KLT, is innovation, helping us to deliver our services and products safely, first time, every time and cement our reputation as one of the best and largest construction companies and gas renewal and utilities company in the country. We believe investing in new ideas and processes improves so many aspects of how we work day to day, and is especially important in the utility sector’s rapidly changing environment.

An innovative approach helps us to be safer and smarter, focusing on delivering the best possible service, and to be more cost-effective, passing on those savings to our clients and customers.

From infrastructure maintenance to gas renewal and construction services, take a look at just some of the examples of our innovative approach:

  • Training and development
  • Latest pipe technology
  • Vacuum excavation
  • Data tracing equipment
  • Trenchless installation/repair techniques, delivering minimal customer disruption to the community and highways with maximum effect
  • Air lances
  • Combined dust/eye protection, advanced hi-specification Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Low emission modern vehicles
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Recycling
  • Re-use of materials


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