Project Description

University of Brunel

We have worked on many diverse and specialist projects an unusual one was that we were asked to improve the efficiency and capacity of the boiler plant in the Brunel Gallery at the University of Brunel, the estates and facilities needed to increase the gas main volumes entering the plant room to the Gallery, but to undertake the works in the strict required timeframes it was necessary to excavate along the court yard of the Brunel building itself, whilst it was open and during term time, this of course had to be done ensuring that the students had a safe and continuous route to there lectures.

Whilst on site we also carried out the laying and welding of the 6” steel pipes surrounding and within the boiler building itself, as well as the pipe lay of course the surfaces which were mainly existing York flags were reinstated to the original specification with the upmost appreciation from the University Principle, who stated “you would never have known you had been here” so much so that they di not know the pipe was in yet and could not believe we got them so far ahead of schedule.

Project Details


University of Brunel


Gas Maintenance Replacement